Insert Book Title Here (coming up with a halfway decent title)

The other day I sat down to brainstorm a title for “the epic saga.” I sprung the idea of a brainstorm on my family just after dinner, and they accepted with varying degrees of enthusiasm. I brought a sheet of paper, on which we wrote everything we could think of.

That’s about the only thing I know about a good brainstorm. There are no dumb ideas. Write everything down. Having done this and put the general gist of our brainstorm into a handy sketchnote, I’m surprised I get anything sensible done on my own.

Here’s a handy key to the sketchnote:

Green: my sensible relative with writing experience. Blue: my reluctant relative who’s trying to decide if this is cool or not. Yellow: myself, the reason I’m having so much difficulty coming up with a title that isn’t a facetious tip of the hat to a Broadway musical.

In general I have a lot of trouble naming things, especially in a fantasy setting. While I have no skill for coming up with names that sound legit for their setting, I’m quite gifted in creating ridiculous names that I hope and pray no one actually has. Some examples include: Margery Cyclist-Hopkins Miller, and Alfred Staple-Giraffe.

I think I have these people to blame:

Monty Python Silly Party

And these people:

 Fry and Laurie Your Name Sir


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