Drawing Project (Antiques, etc.)

This summer, in the interest of graduating on time, I have been taking classes this summer from the local community college. My favorite is my Drawing 101 class. As a theater student, I take a lot of hands-on, run-around-the-theater-like-a-lunatic classes. Even our sit-down classes are really small (6 students tops) and foster more of a “Knights of the Round Table council meeting” than a auditorium lecture, and even then we have to stand up and do a bunch of activities with each other. 

I can honestly say that creative classes are way more fun than your average class. After a 10-minute lecture on some basic concepts, for the next four hours we are allowed to wander the halls and grounds of the school, draw anything we want (within reason), and eat and drink and listen to music on our ipods while we do this.

A few days ago our instructor got up at the beginning of class and said, “Go outside. Come back in four hours with a drawing to turn in.” I completed two drawings in 3 hours, so I took a nap in the grass before heading back to class. Another time I went to my Nanny’s* house and drew there with a cup of tea and a fried egg at my elbow. It’s a good life.


*Nanny- British grandmother.


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